CourierPoint: The Best International Delivery Service Company

Back in the day, international shipping may not be the norm due to complex regulations and extremely tough custom rules. As if it was not enough limitation, many individuals wanting to send letters, documents or parcels to another country were faced with a high international shipping fee. But over the years, as the governments have eased regulations and custom rules, more and more people start to use the services.

However, if there is one thing that has not really changed over the years when it comes to international shipping is, without a doubt, the expensive international shipping fee. Many argue that the price is the reflection of the service a courier company has, the more expensive it is, the better and more reliable the service offered – but is it true?


CourierPoint has proven them wrong time and time again. In the long 16 years of its time in the industry, the courier company has successfully proven that to get such remarkable service, one does not have to burn a whole in their pocket. The glowing reviews of those who have used their infamous services such as parcel delivery to Germany is the testament of their reliability. Why would you pay more when you can have your parcel delivered with price as low as £15.93 including VAT? And that is also with the same incredible customer service and speedy delivery service – no less!

Would like to send a parcel to other destinations such as France? You are in luck as CourierPoint provides worldwide delivery service, and that is including parcel shipping to France with the same starting prices that is as low as £15.93 including VAT! It does not matter how big your parcel is, CourierPoint can move large parcels measured 2.7-meters in length and 1,000-kgs in weight and even help you arrange the appropriate vehicle to move it to the recipient’s doorstep!

Budget Hotels In Mumbai Are the Best Bet

Mumbai is called the financial capital of India. Everyday thousands of people pour in the city from different parts of India in order to fulfill their dreams. Mumbai is more of a corporate destination than a tourist destination. However Mumbai has all types of accommodation options for myriad travelers.

There are star hotels located in North Mumbai near the airports as well as hotels in South Mumbai. Hotel accommodation in Mumbai is quite expensive than accommodation in other cities of India. However the budget travelers to Mumbai should not lose heart. There are plenty of budget hotel accommodations in Mumbai.

You will find many budget Mumbai hotels concentrated near the Mumbai domestic and international airports. However there is no dearth of budget hotels in south Mumbai areas such as Colaba and Marine Drive.

You will get basic room facilities in Mumbai budget hotels. There is room service available 24 hours a day. Normally there is no in house restaurant but there are plenty of eating options at a near distance. Some hotels might have air conditioned rooms while some hotels might not have them.

Staff at the helpdesk is quite helpful and it can also arrange for local transport for you if you need. People prefer budget hotels when they are not looking for a lot of amount to spend on their accommodation.

They normally go out in the morning and only return at night, so a cheap accommodation works just perfect for them. The budget hotels which have restaurants serve local cuisine. The staff is hospitable and warm. Room cleaning is done once a day and there is 24 hours hot and cold running water in the bathroom. Most of the budget hotels in Mumbai accept credit cards for payment. Add on services include laundry and doctor on call. Basic business facilities such as FAX and internet are also made available.

Want Protection, Business Gold Card from American Express Might Be Your Best Bet

The global financial services company, American Express is famous for its credit card & traveler’s check businesses and for its charge cards. The Business Gold Card from American Express that offers the best card protection and services is an excellent financial tool for running a business.

Merits Of The Card

The card is designed for the business owners, having a good credit and wanting free participation in the Membership Rewards program. This card requires the business owners to pay the full balance every month and this keeps a check on the piling up of high credit card debt. This proves very advantageous for businesses in the long run.

The card is flexible also as its reward program has a better variety of services and merchandise than the other credit cards. Furthermore, the points you earn never expire and are limitless. The benefits this card offers are characteristic of the American Express business credit cards.

The card helps you to save your business expenditure and comes with an annual fee. The Business Gold Card from American Express enrolls you automatically to the membership rewards program offered by the American Express.

Your first purchase on the card lets you earn 5000 bonus reward points. After you spend $20000 on your card, you will again get 5000 membership reward points. If you spend an average of $5000 every month, you will obtain 60000 points. On your renewal of the card at the end of the first year, you will derive 10000 bonus points.

The introductory annual percentage rate (APR), introductory APR period and the regular APR are all “n/a” as you are not allowed to carry balance over time. The first year fee-free option allows you to make a savings of $125. There are no pre-set expenditure limit and no finance charges on the card. You can easily avail of the benefits of this card, if you have an excellent credit.

Fringe Benefits

You can easily redeem your points for the business related items, which includes entertainment events, office equipment and travel. With Business Gold Card from American Express, you can obtain unlimited points, which do not have any expiry dates. You may save your points over many years for a high-end merchandise purchase.

The business card also provides you ongoing savings and discounts at the business establishments, like AT&T, FedEx, Hertz and Staples.

The card offers access to savings on hotel, car and air reservations, which can be booked through the Online Business Travel Center, numerous Internet account related services, access to expense management reports that are compatible with QuickBooks.

Business Gold Card from American Express also offers return protection, purchase protection, lost and damaged luggage insurance, emergency card replacement, identity theft assistance, travel accident insurance up to $100000, emergency check cashing and other similar services.

RoyalCruiseMatrix Versus TVI Express – Which is the Best Bet?

TVI Express vs. RoyalCruiseMatrix

These programs seem very similar on the surface. And in many ways they are. However there are some distinct differences between the two programs. In this article I will compare the 2 programs and let you decide which, if any is best for you.


Both programs offer a Travel Membership which allows you to join and save money on travel and to become independent reps and introduce the program to others and earn money.

Enrollment Fee Comparison

TVI’s = $275

RCM = $100

So what do you get for your Membership Fee

TVI Express

You get a Website marketing page with a Back Office
You get a travel search engine that is on the scale of Travelocity and Orbitz. This allows you to search and book travel for your family and friends (Their is no commissions paid bookings, and the prices are comparable to other major booking search engines.
A Free 7 Night stay at a 4-5 star hotel
You become an Independent Distributor which allows you to introduce others into the program and earn money
You join what they call a “board” with 14 positions.

TVI Express Compensation Plan (Launched around February 2009)

You are required to sponsor 2 other people.
When the 8 positions at the bottom of the board is complete the board splits into 2 separate boards and everyone advances.
The 8 people at the bottom of the previous board advance to the 4 positions slots in the space above them and 8 empty positions are created below them and the process repeats again. This time they advance to the 2 spots above them and 8 more positions open up below. They do this once more and advance to the “Pay Position”.
The first time through the pay position, they earn $500. And advance to the Express board which pays $10,000 once you have reached the pay position.
The express board looks like like the entry board except everyone on the express board has gone through the entry board at least once.
The express board can be looked at as a feeder board because you have to wait until a person comes off the entry board or cycles through the express board before joining the express board.


Once you reach the express board you never have to go back to the Entry board and can earn $10,000 each time through
$10,000 payouts have been documented and verified.
Good training materials and documentation
Good communication capability with others on your board (can click and send email)
Instant payouts
Short daily 15 minute conference calls (3x per day)
No in person meetings!
International Sponsorship Capabilities


Every time a pay position completes the board splits. This split causes a loss of energy as the people that you brought in are spread out over many different boards and you are constantly having to bring new people in to keep the energy going.
TVI Express has been around for almost 9 months and have over 500,000 independent reps. 260,000 in the USA. This is touted as a good thing however momentum seems to be slowing as the company appears to be reaching a point of maturity.
If you come on board and are not qualified (have sponsored at least 2 people someone who has sponsored more people than you can leapfrog over you and advance to a spot ahead of you. (This can be an advantage if you come in strong with a lot of people)
Back office is a bit noisy and cumbersome to navigate around.
Corporate Support can be slow to non existent
Company based in the UK and is difficult to get them on the phone
Payments can be cumbers om and have to keep an inventory of vouchers for smooth operation
A low conversion rate of about 5% with family, friends and associates
Requires 2 passwords to get into your system for extra security (may be a bit much)
This is a big one. Their website is always down for maintenance. I was not going to mention this but I just went to do some research for this article and they are down! If their website is down that means you cannot sign someone up. If you have a prospect and you send them to a website to get info and join that is going to raise a major red flag.

RoyalCruiseMatrix (Launched November 9, 2009)

As with TVI you Receive a Website with a Back Office
You receive Rewards Points which allow you to Cruise the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line at a discount or free depending on the amount of bonus points you accumulate.
You become an Independent Distributor which allows you to sponsor others into the program and earn money.

RoyalCruiseMatrix (RCM) Compensation Plan

A new member joins a Matrix and they start at the top of that matrix.
There are 14 positions below them
They along with their team and the people above them are responsible for filling the 14 positions
There are no sponsoring requirements (and this can be a positive or a negative depending on the team)
The system is a binary matrix. 2 people go directly underneath each position. As a result a great deal of spillover occurs where a person that has not sponsored anyone can have 2, 5 or 11 people underneath them directly and indirectly.
The boards do not split when a cycle is complete (14 positions are filled underneath you), a new cycle is started, and when your downline completes their cycle they come directly underneath you on your new cycle.
Their are 3 Tiers. Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3
Tier 1 pays $500 after the first cycle
Tier 2 pays $5000 after the first cycle
Tier 3 pays $25,000 on the first and each and every cycle thereafter
The tiers are continuous. Once they start you have 3 legs of income going simultaneously
Although there are no sponsoring requirements, the company will give you a $10,000 bonus each and every time a person that you sponsored earns $25,000


Low cost of Entry $100
Higher payouts on the 3rd cycle of $25,000 vs. $10,000
Easier to introduce new members because of the low membership fee
Back Office is Easy to navigate through and use
Support Responds to questions within 24 Hours
Company based out of Florida
Only 3400 members have joined since the date of this writing. This provides a Ground Floor Opportunity, and a chance to introduce this program to people who will not have heard of it before.
eCheck system makes it easy for people to join with an optional eVoucher type system
Currently has about an 80% conversion rate with family, friends and associates (due to the low cost of entry)
Faster cycle times than TVI
Faster growth rates
Instant payouts
Short daily 15 minute conference calls (3x per day)
No in person meetings!
Recently hired Jeffrey Babener, the top MLM attorney in the country to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations of MLM
7 Minute Registrations
No splitting of boards
Your people never leave you. As soon as they complete their cycle they will come back underneath you wherever you are. Even if you are on two or three matrices they will show up on all three.
100% site up time so far.


The marketing of “No Sponsor Requirements” have caused people to come on for a “free ride” thus making more work for others to complete the cycles
The company is paranoid about poaching, so you cannot communicate with people on your matrix unless they are in your downline.
Company Training videos are scarce as the company is only 15 days old as of the time of this printing
Company does not accept credit union checks
Currently U.S. sponsorship only (expanding in 2010)

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

I leave it up to you to determine which is the better program. I am simply outline the pros and cons as I see them. Some of the things I have listed as a con could be a pro to you. For example no sponsoring requirements.

If I had to give an edge to a program it would have to be RoyalCruiseMatrix because it is a ground floor opportunity and it only has a $100 entry fee. I hope this information was useful. Good luck to you in whatever you do and God bless.

International Airlines Ticket – How Booking Online Can Be Your Best Bet

There are many advantages to booking your International airlines ticket online. From the comfort of your easy chair you can surf to your heart’s content and take advantage of the many discounts, low airfares, and even price guarantees online. The combination of fierce competition among airlines and the ever-increasing popularity of the Internet, can make booking your airlines ticket online your best choice for your next trip and any of your future travel.

Travelers who book online can also discover additional travel information that will make their trip completely hassle-free. You will find nuggets and information galore regarding your destination, hotel, car rental and more. Additionally, booking with a reputable company will often afford huge discounts when purchasing bundled travel packages to include room and board and ground transportation, for example. Booking your International airlines ticket online will only take a few minutes.

You can shop, compare, and book online. Always plan your trip in advance to avoid the famous last-minute rush. Be aware that even online, you should book early to obtain the best rates.

Booking your International airlines ticket online offers flight details for the various International airlines operating flights throughout the world including the following prestigious airlines:

British Airways British Airways offers flights worldwide to more than 300 destinations. Service areas include Africa and North America, South Asia and Middle East, Far East and Australia, UK and Ireland, Caribbean and South America and Europe. Starting November 2010 British Airways will operate a double daily service from London Heathrow to Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden. British Airways customers can now utilize a private jet service, PrivateConnect, within North America and the Caribbean.

Emirates Emirates is continuously expanding and currently flies to 60 countries and more than 100 destinations. Non-stop service between Toronto and Dubai initiates October 2010. Emirates is among the top ten airlines in the world in terms of revenue and International passengers carried. By 2012 Emirates will have 55 Airbus A380s, making it the largest aircraft type in fleet. The Emirates A380 offers unparalleled comfort, from first-rate shower spas to a luxurious onboard lounge, to award-winning entertainment system offering over 1200 channels of movies, games, and music.

Lufthansa Airlines Lufthansa Airlines proudly boasts the title of the largest airline in Europe. Lufthansa flies to approximately 100 countries, with over 200 destinations. The second Airbus A380 was delivered to Lufthansa in July 2010, with the first arriving in May 2010, and a total of four expected for 2010. The Airbus A380 currently has scheduled flights on its Frankfurt-Tokyo route and the Frankfurt-Beijing route is scheduled during August 2010. Frankfurt-Johannesburg route is planned to operate end of October 2010. Additionally, current plans are for the Airbus to fly to New Delhi Winter 2010-2011.

So whether you are flying with British Airways, Emirates, or Lufthansa Airlines, booking your International airlines ticket online should be your first choice, and will likely be your very best choice.

Compare Insurance To Find the Best Bet

We love the feeling of being safe and secure in this unexpected world. Which is why the more popular concepts as insurance have come into the picture. The term insurance implies to the trade that pays for an event or mis happening that can occur at any point of time in lieu of the installments that you keep paying to them. This business has been quite popular and it has been thriving for a long time. There are different covers that are available with different insurance policies.

It is sort of a risk management that comprises of an insurer, insurance rate and the insurance amount. Insurer is a company that sells the insurance policy, insurance rate is the factor that determines the amount and the premium is the amount that is charged with insurance coverage. There are many types of insurances that are available in the market. They provide insurance against homogeneous loss, definite loss and accidental loss and so on. The best part about these insurance policies is that the premium amount is very less and that makes the whole deal very likable.

Some insurance schemes are meant only for a purpose of investment. For example, life insurance policy is meant for the purpose of investment where the amount is paid to the concerned client even if he doesn’t complete his life in the given time. The place of the event has to be reported to the insurance company. To put it in simpler terms, the event should happen at the known place, known time and from a known case that is mentioned in the cover.

There are several private players that have taken up insurance as a propitious business and are thriving on the Internet. Also, you can find many of these companies online too. And then, there are several comparison portals on the World Wide Web that give you a fair understanding of the various quotes available in the market. You can search these portals on the search engines and get the quote that suits you the best and buy a policy accordingly. It is very important to compare the different insurances that are given on the Internet. And by comparing, you’d be able to find the best deal.